Saturday, October 25, 2008

Obama vs. McCain – A Performance Objective Analysis

Let’s put politics aside for a moment. What if we were to establish performance objectives for the next President, and then assess each candidate’s qualifications for the job on the basis of his ability to achieve the critical results we need? We use performance based evaluation in hiring, and I think it applies here too.

You might have a different list, but here are my suggestions for performance objectives for the next President:

  1. Stabilize the economy, including increasing access to credit and restoring global confidence in our financial sector. Following stabilization, stimulate the economy for continued steady growth and ensure that the US can remain the world’s leader in business.

  2. Find a solution for the war in Iraq, including helping the Iraqi government to stand on its own.

  3. Improve relations with other countries, both friend and foe. Increase the level of respect with which the US is viewed worldwide.

  4. Restore ethics and morals to our government.
  5. Decrease the threat of terrorism.

  6. Decrease (or eliminate) the deficit, and implement a plan to systematically decrease the national debt.

  7. Improve the quality and access to health care.

  8. Improve the national standard of education, and increase the number of students who graduate High School and go on to college.

  9. Stabilize social security, Medicare and other entitlement programs to ensure access for future generations.
  10. Decrease our reliance on foreign oil and increase alternative energy resources.

I could go on, but frankly, if our next President were able to get most of the above list done in the next four years, I’d be a happy camper. See if your objectives for the next President differ, and make your own list. By the way, I'd advocate including the VP candidates in this assessment, because they have to be prepared to achieve these goals as well.

Now, create a score sheet for yourself and grade each objective to see which candidate you think is more likely to achieve the objectives. Candidates can be evaluated on their ability to achieve objectives based on experience, knowledge, attitude, commitment and intention. Score your candidate, then vote!

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