Tuesday, December 2, 2008

TOP 10 Things Your Managers Aren't Telling You

Here's a list of things that CEO's almost never hear directly from members of their management team, although it would be useful if they could!

  • "Here's how to improve your company or product."
    They fear your judgment, or your telling them why it won't work, and they won't take risks with you.
  • When the project will really be done.
    Do you give them the room to tell the truth about deadlines?
  • Who, how, or why they don't get along with another key manager.
    No one can NOT look like a team player to you.
  • That they have made a critical mistake.
    They can't bring you bad news without paying a personal price.
  • That a customer is unhappy.
    If you've created a "win" all the time atmosphere and you punish the messenger of bad news.
  • That they remember every negative thing you say, and every positive thing.
    It takes 5-10 positives to counter every negative.
  • That they can do more for you.
    If you will explore their capabilities thoroughly with them.
  • Why they do or don't want to work for you. Resulting in over-paying satisfied people, and losing unsatisfied people.
  • That they want more clarity.
    To really want to know what is going on - the good, the bad, and the ugly - because it helps them understand the relevancy of their own work.
  • That they are looking for another job.
    We call them the "mentally unemployed".
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